Hay crisis….

I feel for the folks I know who are selling off huge numbers of sheep because of the hay crisis. I have recently become part of a hay co-op and will inherit a decent patch of grazing. Although those two things could potentially enable me to expand my numbers significantly, I won’t. At least not until I have a few years of managing things and can at least roughly predict how it will go. There’s a lot of people who grew fast and now have broken hearts selling sheep they’d rather keep. I don’t intend to join them.


The other thing about the hay crisis that strikes me is inflated prices people are paying. The fellow who started the co-op with a friend of mine and I has a field and found it was too much work for him. We went to help him out this year and he proposed share cropping for future harvests. Suits me just fine. What was interesting was that he and I were discussing me purchasing hay from him this year as he doesn’t need it and I didn’t work enough to supply myself. He was talking about the inflated prices and really disgusted with the folks who are using the raised fuel costs as an excuse to jack up their prices. He put up tonnes -literally – of hay and said his price per bale hasn’t gone up like other people are charging. 



1 thought on “Hay crisis….”

  1. I haven’t heard about the hay crisis. Is it that people are changing their fields from hay cropping to edible crops so there’s not enough hay to go around? Or are people gouging because of the cost of oil?
    Makes a bit of an argument for harvesting the old fashioned way…

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