So grateful for the internet…

A bunch of story ideas and threads of ideas have merged in my head as a unified whole. Now, I endeavour to record them faithfully onto my computer. This is (another) historical that first occurred to me when I accompanied LG on a school field trip to the site of a 19th century settlement in our area. What’s stumped me is that for a number of reasons I have elected to bump the date back by 30 years and now am stuck with trying to get my characters across Canada. It’s an interesting conundrum.


The really excellent part is that as I am researching online I am encountering all sorts of information that I would have included or excluded erroneously but now, am saved from doing. I know, I know, you have to be careful about the internet but I am sticking to (relatively) reliable sources. What I have determined is that I will need to move my dates from about 1860 to 1880 or so…. or make some different changes to the time line. I had wanted a “pre-civil war” era story but I’m not sure that will work. Unless I change some of the other things in the story… it’s all very interesting.

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