We’re under attack!

In spite of the heat and summer temperatures, one cannot deny that winter truly is around the corner. The squirrels are gathering and the effect is shocking. On every roof here – all of which are metal, btw – pinecones have been dropping. Now that sounds like not a big deal, kind of cute etc. Um no – it really does give one the impression of being bombed. 


The season started here last weekend. We were camping and they spent the night dropping them on tents.  The ones we were sleeping in. Yep – loud and startling but once you realize what it is it’s cute for a minute and then it’s annoying.


Now we have them dropping on the roofs – they only real downside of using metal on the roof, as far as I can tell. I guess I should be happy for them that they have a good harvest. The funniest part is when they miscalculate and drop too many by the sheep. The sheep love them – nibble on them all day and the squirrels sit up in the branches or on the fence chattering angrily at them!

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