Ahhhh… I remember what I need.

I’ve been at home now for about 16 hours. It’s been a good 16 hours. In spite of the horrible sleep (went to bed hungry and woke up too early as a result), I’m quite content. I also have had to work a bit today – in fact, I’m waiting for a file to attach so I can email it right now… but I’m content. 


I was up at 5, ate Red River Cereal with Saskatoons we picked (so yummy!), moved firewood and generally worked on the area where we’re expanding the fences. Played with my dog – ditched the run we were going to go on. The boys and I had a breakfast date with a little princess who just turned five but we haven’t seen to give her gift, errands – but as a family and home now. I played Romans (playmobil) with LG, made a de-wormer gruel for the sheep; we’ll see how that goes. Garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds, soy nuts, molasses in grated carrot. It was too heavy on the garlic I think though so they weren’t too happy about it, but… at least one I know needs it had her face in it a good long while. Oh, and I topped with the Red River Cereal that’s going stale. Turn out it’s a big hit with the sheep!


Now that the work is done and dad and LG are happily playing, I’m going to try to get the garden back on track. 


Hmmm… me thinks too much spending has resulted in too much work (or perhaps I’m spending to offset the stress of too much work?). No doubt the answer will come when I’m puttering in the garden.

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