The fatigue goes on…

I am so tired. I am working tonnes right now – I think I said that last time, right? Seriously. I think this week will be about a 70 hours week of the paid job… never mind all of the unpaid stuff I’m doing (or supposed to be). The boys took care of animal chores for me – thank goodness. 


The worst part is that this runs right into the long weekend. Three days off and more of the same for the next week.


The really good news is that it will taper after that and ideally, never have to be replicated.


It really didn’t help that today was a crap day at work. I boobed up a whole big thing and we’re a contract agency (that is, the government pays us to deliver services on their behalf) so it doesn’t just reflect on me, but on us as a whole. My ED was very understanding and when I think about it rationally for a minute one boob up in four years is pretty darn good. But, I hate this stuff, especially when it’s my fault (partly my fault).


Time to do something normal and make supper.

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