Well… so much going on…

For those of you who read this and know me in IRL, this will come as truly no surprise. Those of you who don’t know me IRL may be surprised.

Anyway, work has been really, really busy. Crazy busy, like working 16 hour days busy. That’s short term pain for long term pay off though. I work somewhere that allows me to bank my time as lieu time… so that’s always a good thing. But I need to take it- and soon. 


The animals have also been keeping me on my toes. I thought maybe one of our cats – a sickly old girl who lives outside – got stolen by a cougar or raccoon tonight. Fortunately she’s turned up. Winchester and I were inside and heard a strange thump outside, went to investigate – no cat (she does usually come when you call her).  We had a quick survey of the immediate area, hay shed etc. but no cat. Being too chicken to venture beyond that, I went back inside to hope for the best. It seemed highly unlikely that this cat who yowls if you even walk near her, would be taken so silently but… I also grew up in a cougar area and I know they’re fast and quiet.


The other things that made it highly improbable were:


1) No blood – at all. Not usually a sign of a murder – but sometimes…


2) Our side of the mountain isn’t known for cougars where our friend’s place just a few minutes away (on the other side) is. But, there have been cougar sightings by people who are not likely to mistake a cougar with a golden retriever (which often does happen).

3) Dog not barking and going crazy with the smell of a cougar (or raccoon or other beastie). Impossible really.


4) Cat in question re-appeared 20 mins later.


So there you go – it’s time for me to open a detective agency. Apparently I’ve got some good skills there!


What else are we doing?


Maybe I’ll copy the Independence Days Update from Frazzle…

Asparagus bed got put in last week. We’re dedicating a bed to asparagus even though I’m the only one who loves it. I’m hoping to change some feelings on the matter but we’ll see. I think it can be interplanted so we’ll try that next year.

Harvested – 

Peas, lettuce, radishes, kale, cabbage and kohlrabi from MILs spectacular garden. Lots of herbs. Spinach, sorrel.
About 18 million pounds of cherries. I’ll get a photo of them up asap.
We put by extra dog, cat and duck food. I have to have surgery in the fall and will be off work for a stretch so I want to have everything put by for that time. I know J is laughing as he reads this because we may have a little more than that put by.


New space for fence, my long suffering husband for the arrival of yet more sheep (hahaha) and as I said, have started prepping for my seriously reduced income time. 

Managed Reserves
We’ve been enjoying what we like to call Million Mile Diet smoothies with our put by coconut milk and pineapple. We have lots left but some of that has been down there for so long it’s silly to keep it still. 

Cooked Something New
A 100% local (as in within about 10 miles) supper. Local potatoes, greens, and cow. YUM!

Reduced Waste
We have plastic recycling again so we’re getting back in the swing of that. I saw that J had made slow waterers for the strawberries – milk jugs with little holes that appear to have been filled with re-used bath water. 

Worked on Local Food Systems
I am a local food system! I have been promoting local food and am writing a letter to our regional rep about the final hurdle for our local slaughter house.

Reading currently:
I started Kundalini for the West last night but I think I need something lighter. I just finished Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures which was far better than anticipated. I have to confess I often reject award winning books because they often come across as being so full of their own self -importance I just can’t be bothered. There were glimmers of that in Bloodletting but it’s a read I would recommend if you have any interest in medical stuff. 
Well, I’d better update the Flickr pictures and get the heck to bed!

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