In which Flannelberry admits she has a problem…

Sigh… I went down to the cold room this morning to organize a bit and thought… hmmm… I think these boxes of cereal have been reproducing in the night. So, I did a little, quick inventory.

Without much effort (which means moving nothing, just glancing around) I’d like to share this craziness with you…

30 boxes of cereal

16 cases (yes, cases) of soup

50 lose cans of soup (yes, this is separate from the cases – making a total of 200+ tins)

4 sacks of rice (sacks – not cute little bags)

5 sacks of sugar (ibid – none smaller than 10 kg)

3 sacks of flours (ibid) and this is a low amount for me brought on by current flour prices

24 jars of Classico, etc. pasta sauce

This doesn’t even start to consider our home canning, fruits, veggies, salsa or other storage items. It doesn’t take into account our pantry or freezer…

I think I need to stop buying groceries for a while!

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