Daddy’s home…

Not J – although I’m really looking forward to his return. In addition to missing him, apparently he killed a rattlesnake with a knife (a big one, no doubt). And apparently the rattlesnake was some how potentially endangering a kid. However, I didn’t hear it directly from him – he found a usable phone the one night I went out. I went to see Sex in the City… save your money. As someone who loved that show, I say, you’ve seen it. All of it, before. It’s good light viewing op but not worth big city admission. Because I live in a little town I don’t even pay double digit prices so, not much more than a video store rental anyway!

Anyway, daddy’s home. Yes. Baldr went in with everyone today. Hilde managed to escape his run and end up in with the ewes and lambs. I figured if she could do it he would soon figure out the same trick. It seemed prudent to just get the first meeting over with while we’re home and can control things to some degree. Facing a charging ram isn’t my favorite thing to do but it was only once today and now they’re all settled him. He ran around and knocked everyone to reassert himself and now they’re all fine. It took maybe an hour to get back to equilibrium – a nice surprise. But, he is the sweetest ram ever (which is what we paid for – well, that and his fleece… and milky line) and so I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

Photos to follow when the rattler killer returns (he’s got the camera).

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