Farm life

When parents are stupid…

Well…. LG has been wanting a rabbit for a long time. About a year really but he’s really been saving up for a few months. The deal was if he bought the stuff and the bunny, he could have one. So, one Saturday, he got one. Mr. Little Grey Bun II is a cute, fluffy black and grey angora looking bunny. Friendly too – LG would pick him up and the bun would just cuddle in.

So, we brought him home on Saturday. We thought we’d not just give him a little hutch but let him have the run of our old duck run. It has a good sized roof for overhead protection, lots of room to hop around etc. LG faithfully went out every morning to check his food and water and cuddle him. He came right home on Monday after school to check on his bun. Today he went on a playdate to his friend’s. When I left at 5 to get him, Mr. Bun was happily in his run. When we got home and checked on him at 6:30 he was gone.

So, my kid cried himself to sleep after looking all over (and for those who don’t know – we have ten acres of forest – try finding a black and grey bunny in that) and setting out carrots and lettuce to see if it gets nibbled and where it was when it got nibbled to try and give a clue as to his location.

Of course I figured out where he escaped. We’d put 1″ poultry wire all around the perimeter of the run as added insurance. Except one spot. Somehow we missed recovering the gate to the sheep run and had thought it was all “good enough”. After all, it had held ducklings – we didn’t even think about him going through there. From there the bunny could go anywhere. My guess is that’s what happened given that the only other possible escape route would lead him through the garden and having had rabbits, I doubt any self respecting bun would run through a garden and leave it utterly unmolested.

So, due to his parents stupidity – my kid is a bunny short. The really cool thing is that he made up a cute story about how the bunny probably saw one of his bunny family members and had to go and be with them. It’s a great way to cope but it didn’t help me feel any better about the adult error.


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