I knit because I like it

That’s an odd thing for me. usually anything I do has to have some sort of productive value to it – even the sheep and writing are like an investment. If I spend time at it one day I may make money. It’s not much more likely than the lottery but the possibility is always there. But knitting – nope – I just love it. When I’m thinking about it I *could* possibly rationalize that I can make gifts for people that would save me money but not really. I buy most of my yarn on sale (and I have learned to only buy really good yarn – it is true, it’s much nicer to knit) but it’s still cheaper to just buy a scarf; especially when you start adding up the time you spend on making it.

I just like it. And I like that I’m getting better and I’ve taught myself – start to finish. J can attest to my many attempts to cast on and the victorious celebration I subjected him to when I got it and knit my first rows. Now it’s spinning. I’m watching for a wheel. I’m going to get one that is not classic looking and because of that it’s really cheap (comparatively – there’s not much cheap about spinning wheels) but I know someone who has one and she loves it.  I may make enough off spun fleece from my sheep to pay for the wheel. Actually – I made enough off fleece this year that I can pay for 1/3 of the wheel I’m watching on EBay (as long as the price doesn’t skyrocket). If it does and I buy the same wheel new it would be about 1/5 but next year will likely pay off the rest.  Especially if I can offer hand spun yarn at cheap-ish rates.

It does help to have had these couple of days to think about it. Partly I feel more rested than I have in a long time but also I know what I want out of my flock. I want a hand spinners flock. Right now we don’t have a decent meat market (although it’s looking like that will change). So, I’m going to continue to select for fleece as my first priority and go from there. Good thing I figured this out before I select who goes to the freezer this year. That’s going to change one ewe’s future at least.

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