This blog is meant as an adjunct to the Flannelberry Farm webpage. I like to keep a running story about the goings on at the farm but because we’re waaaayyyy out in the hinterland, I only have dial up and it takes about 80000 years to upload anything. This blog will help to take the place of that.

Recipe of the Day:

Yummy pudding/sauce stuff…

I made bread pudding tonight. Very yummy – especially as I substituted soy chai for regular milk. And of course the omnipresent duck eggs for chicken eggs.

I wanted to make something different to go on top and I love pudding-y things (thank my English grandmother). I’m also getting out of the sugar habit to get used to using the honey my bees will provide next year.

So, I took a generous scoop of Becel light (about 2 Tbsps at least – more would be fine), melted that over medium heat with about an equal amount of honey. I used creamed but you don’t have to – and you can adjust the sweetness not just to your taste but also to your honey. Not all honey is created equal.

So, as they melted I took about a Tbsp of cornstarch (next time I’ll use potato starch – I want to avoid corn products that aren’t whole corn where ever possible), mixed that with cold Soymilk (about 3/4 cup). Slowly I poured that into the honey/butter mixture and stirred. I added a bit of rum extract but actually, I think it would have been spectacular with just vanilla.

Bring to a gentle boil – stirring all the while. Keep cooking to desired consistency. I needed to add a bit more soy milk but you may not. If you want it thicker and more like a pudding just increase the starch.

It’s delicious, pour it on everything -bread pudding natch, but also ice cream, oatmeal, I think it would be excellent with homemade yogurt or fresh berries…

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